Why did I make this site?

Many have asked me why I made this site. Basically the reason is simple -- I have a collection of pictures and quotes and I don't know what to do with them.

People have been sending me nice quotes, thoughts and words of wisdom that I find both useful and artistic. I appreciate words, so I decided to start a new hobby -- collecting quotes. This site is my way of sharing them to you.

I have been attempting to put up a website of my own for educational and entertainment reasons. No, I'm not going to teach anybody anything and you probably won't have fun either, but I will be learning a lot as I make this site and continue to fine tune every part of it. This will also give me a chance to make use of my hobbies so I will definitely have fun.

What hobbies? I already mentioned my Quote Collection, there's also Programming, Photography, and of course Music. What does music have to do with the website? Well, I listen to music as I make the website so it is very important!

Okay, you will probably learn something too. I will be giving out some photography tips and techniques that I have learned through some of my readings and a lot from experience. I will probably also give out some Photoshop steps that I use to enhance some of my pictures. These are all basic techniques so if you're a professional, you're welcome to contribute.