A heavy burden does not kill on the day it is carried. - Kenyan Proverb

Very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts. - Sy Wise

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another. - Charles Dickens

The heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good; and thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burdens of the past. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Truest help we can render an afflicted man is not to take his burden from him, but to call out his best energy, that he may be able to bear the burden. - Phillips Brooks

Anyone can carry his burden, however heavy, until nightfall. Anyone can do his work, however hard, for one day. Anyone can live sweetly, patiently, lovingly, purely, till the sun goes down and that is all that life really means. - Robert Louis Stevenson

People become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burdens are attached to them. - George Barnard Shaw

It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it. - Lena Horne